Volunteer with www.your.wales / www.you.wales

There are many volunteer positions available. If you have any ideas, suggestions or criticism, please email: [email protected]

Examples of volunteer positions available:

  1. Editor – To assist in publishing and published articles across all networked websites.
  2. Administrator – To assist in maintaining websites, approving posts / comments / articles.
  3. Journalists & Bloggers – To provide news and stories applicable to Wales, in particular hyperlocal citizen journalism.
  4. Social media administrators: To assist in the running of social media accounts.
  5. Techs / Graphic Designers / Web Developers / Video Editors / Server security
  6. Reporters: To report on events within your local Court, or events in your local or wider community.
  7. Photographers & Video Makers
  8. Website designers: To primarily assist in creating websites for non profit organisations in Wales.
  9. Ideas. Suggestions. Criticisms. Testers. Your views, how to improve this network, what features or functions can be added, essentially, how can this platform benefit both rural and city communities in Wales.
  10. Writers. Writers. Writers. Whether you write poems, news, stories, songs, – whatever it is, if it is linked with Wales then it would be great if you posted into the network.

The above are 10 random suggestions. Also, looking for someone who is able to edit pages such as this. My grammar! Make my text better…

Anything you can help with, please email: [email protected]

Future projects and planned works:

  1. Carry on developing and improving all the networked Wales news & community websites for all areas of Wales, adding new websites into network if an area requires their own site.
  2. www.events.wales is a new website, it will be added into the network soon. This will allow people to post events or browse events. A basic version will be made available during March 2023 with a more modern version with interactive map will hopefully be ready around Autumn.
  3. www.petition.wales is already working in the network, the software is being tweaked and it will be going live sometime soon (in February, 2023)
  4. www.magazine.wales – this site is already online and open for anyone to add articles.
    Articles will also appear on other sites, per area, category etc.

If you would like to help in any area, please email:  [email protected] or [email protected]