Toothache? Problems finding a dentist? Have your say!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve heard from many people about the difficulty they’ve had and continue to have, when trying to book an NHS dentist appointment. We’ve heard that some people are being told that although NHS appointments are not available, they can be treated privately. Others have told us they are waiting in pain. What’s been your experience? Visit this link to share your experience with us:
Ers dechrau COVID-19, rydym wedi clywed gan nifer o bobl am yr anhawster maent wedi’i gael, ac yn parhau i’w gael, wrth geisio trefnu apwyntiad gyda deintydd y GIG. Rydym ar ddeall bod rhai pobl wedi derbyn gwybodaeth nad oes apwyntiadau’r GIG ar gael ond y gallasant gael eu trin yn breifat. Mae eraill wedi dweud wrthym eu bod yn aros mewn poen. Beth oedd eich profiad chi? Ewch i’r ddolen hon i rannu’ch profiad gyda ni:
Toothache - Free of Charge Creative Commons Medical image
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