A song by Aberdeenshire folksinger, Iona Fyfe paying tribute to the Tory party’s sleaze, Johnson’s inability to distinguish between a working environment and that of a party, wine wine wine.


Oh the Tory party’s taen the mick again
Cheese and wine, and party games at number 10
Boris can’t remember going, PPE moneys still stolen From the tax that we pay time and time again

Oh they had a Christmas party (they denied)
Allegra Stratton caught on camera on the sly
Then they said it didna happen, the UK it his been sh*t oan
By some Tory toffs wha canna help but lie

And Matt Hancock he gits mair winchin than me
But pullin him, I think I’d raither dee
I’d test my een at Barnard Castle, drivin there’s no worth the hassle But contributes tae the amounting Tory sleaze

Since when did meetings entail fancy wine
Canna help but feel bad fur that Carrie quine
Renovating the apairtment in number 10 fae roof tae cairpet Wi donor funds but dinna tell Lord Geidt

Oh the Tory party’s taen the mick again But it’s time that Boris left fae number 10 But the drinks they were aflowin, whilst our country was unknowing Susan Gray will investigate this till the end


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