Help Dorian & Louise get married

Catherine John started a fundraiser to help Dorian and his long term partner Louise get married. Dorian who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer has previously worked throughout the pandemic in order to help others. He has also spend nearly 2 decades of his life working for the ambulance service.

Please consider donating to this fundraiser to help with the wedding costs and provide a memorable day for both Dorian and his future wife Louise. You can view the fundraiser and donate here:

Hi everyone,

This is Dorian, he is 44 years of age and up until a fortnight ago working hard and living life like the rest of us. There are no words that could possibly be written to explain how is family, friends and colleagues are feeling right now, after learning that Dorian has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Dorian has dedicated almost 20 years of his life working for the ambulance service, helping others and saving lives. He has worked tirelessly and selflessly throughout the pandemic doing the job that he loves. Dorian is a very popular person and is well respected by everyone who knows him.
Dorian’s wish is to marry his long term partner Louise, of whom he shares 3 children with.
This is a message to all that know Dorian and would like to do their bit to help, we would like to make his dream of getting married a reality. Let us give Dorian and his family a day filled with love, a day that they had dreamt of but in different circumstances, a day of celebration and also a day that memories can be made that will last a lifetime.
Please help us to make this happen, lets help Dorian get married to his soulmate Louise.

Thanks everyone.

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